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10:47 minutes Joe Walsh talks to Iris Harrison

Joe Walsh is not only one of my favorite rock stars, but a hero for going public with his addictions and recovery. He has always been so honest in his work, solo or with the James Gang and The Eagles. We talk about all of this as the single Analog Man hits the airwaves on KGON, and wait for the whole album's release on June 5th. I also beg him to come to Oregon. Hope it works.

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16:26 minutes Greg Kihn talks to Iris Harrison about his new release.

In 1999, I was asked to join a group of radio folks on a once in a lifetime journey to London to broadcast at Abbey Road Studios, and much to my surprise, Greg Kihn, the rock star, was now in radio doing a morning show and was also on the trip. We had amazing days going to the studios and interviewing celebrities, and also had a chance to just hang out and enjoy London. Greg is funny, talented, and very cool to be around. He's still working for KFOX in the Bay Area, and we now work for the same company, Entercom.

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3:18 minutes Marty's Farewell-Sam Kenison Interview

One of the coolest moments in Marty's KGON history was when Sam Kenison dropped by the studios in Clackamas. The boys had fun! Enjoy.

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9:24 minutes Al Pitrelli of Trans-Siberian Orchestra calls Iris

Trans-Siberian Orchestra are bringing their show "Beethovan's Last Night" to the Matt Knight Arena in Eugene on Thursday April 5th. Al talks to Iris about the show and what's next for TSO.

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16:38 minutes Iris talks to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Paul O'neill about the 2011 show

Paul O'neill is the person I'd most like to have dinner with. He's smart, creative, has boundless energy and is one of the most giving and kind rock stars I've ever heard of. Here's his view of TSO 2011 and beyond.

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6:31 minutes Gloria Interviews Jack Osbourne, Ozzy's son

Gloria Johnson from 92.3 KGON in Portland interviews Jack Osbourne. Jack is the son of Ozzy and just produced a feature film about the life of Ozzy opening in selected theaters nationwide on 8/24 and 8/29. God Bless Ozzy Osbourne.

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13:30 minutes Michael Brewer of the famed duo, Brewer and Shipley talks to Iris Harrison of KGON

Since my first job at KFMY in Eugene, Oregon, I've been proudly playing "One Toke Over the Line," an anthem for the time it was written and still very appropriate in today's world. It's amazing that 40 years later it still has that punch. Michael talks about what happened after the song was released and climbed up the charts, being on Nixon's enemies list, what Spiro Agnew had to say about them, having the song done as a "modern spiritual" on the Lawrence Welk show, and the years between which find the duo still performing.

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14:09 minutes Iris talks to Jean Auel, author of the "Earth's Children" series.

Jean M. Auel has just released the sixth and final book in the Earth's Children series, "The Land of Painted Caves." While she's been a Portland resident since the 50's, Jean was calling from New York on the day of the book's release. In 1982, Mayor Ivancie declared September 8th, "Jean Auel Day" in Portland. She is a Portland treasure, and a beloved author as well as a graduate of Portland State, and University of Portland. I'm a fan! Enjoy the interview. -Iris

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13:04 minutes Gloria Interviews Joe Elliott 3/9/2011

Gloria Interviews Joe Elliott 3/9/2011

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12:49 minutes Bill Champlin tells Iris about the new line up in The Sons of Champlin!

Being a huge Sons of Champlin fan, I always love getting the chance to talk to the namesake of the band. Bill Champlin is funny, cool, and one of my favorite musicians ever. With the Sons coming to the Aladdin again, he also has a true SON of Champlin in the band now, and wait until you hear him talk about his son, Will. His wife, Tamara, is also in the band, and when these three sing together, angels will be weeping from heaven because it's so good! Enjoy the chat. Oh, and go to the show!!!

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