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12:38 minutes Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman talks to Iris about Croweology and more

I was lucky enough to get an interview with Steve Gorman, who started with the Black Crowes since their inception through 2001, then took a break to play with other projects, and then came back to the band in 2005. We talked about music, Crowes, Warren Zevon, and sports. Enjoy,

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12:49 minutes Bill Champlin tells Iris about the new line up in The Sons of Champlin!

Being a huge Sons of Champlin fan, I always love getting the chance to talk to the namesake of the band. Bill Champlin is funny, cool, and one of my favorite musicians ever. With the Sons coming to the Aladdin again, he also has a true SON of Champlin in the band now, and wait until you hear him talk about his son, Will. His wife, Tamara, is also in the band, and when these three sing together, angels will be weeping from heaven because it's so good! Enjoy the chat. Oh, and go to the show!!!

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3:24 minutes Rob Halford talks to Iris about Winter Songs 11/13/09

The premiere voice of metal, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, has released an album with his band Halford called "Winter Songs." Not only does this album treat the songs with genuine respect and joy, but also with what we expect from this King of Metal! This is a must have Christmas album for rockers! Rob also talks about Priest, the British Steel Anniversary tour, Nostradamus, and coming back to Portland. He is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, which seems in direct contrast to his on stage persona. Merry Christmas from Halford!

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9:05 minutes Rich Williams, guitarist of the band Kansas, talks to Iris 10/13/09

Kansas released a DVD/CD set called "There's No Place Like Home" on October 13th, 2009. Recorded in Topeka in honor of their 35th Anniversary along with The Washburn University Symphony, it's a loving record of Kansas live. Rich Williams talks to Iris about how the concert came together, how it differs from their tour which was recently in Tacoma, how they decided on the songs, and why you probably will not be hearing any brand new songs from the band in the near future. They would however like to do more shows with local symphony orchestras in the tours to come.

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11:09 minutes Portland's own Tommy Thayer talks to Iris 11/12/09

Tommy cut his teeth rockin' the local Portland bar scene when we first met and he was just out of high school. From local bands, to the nationally known Black 'n Blue, and now a member of KISS, he is one of the nicest and coolest guys on the planet. Tommy talks about the KISS Alive 35 Tour coming to Portland on November 17th, the new album "Sonic Boom," his rock history, joining KISS, Gene Simmons, and giving back to the community he's from.

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17:55 minutes Bill Champlin talks to Iris 11/5/09

The founder of The Sons of Champlin and member of Chicago for 28 years goes it alone on his new CD "No Place Left to Fall" and a tour to back it up. He'll be in Portland at Jimmy Mak's on November 19th for 2 shows. He talks about making the album, leaving Chicago, moving back to Southern California, the solo tour, and even gives fans of The Sons hope about future projects. No matter what Bill does, I'll be there to support it!

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11:27 minutes Dr. Maya Angelou talks to Iris Harrison, October 30, 2009

I'm still in awe after talking with Dr. Angelou. She's wise, warm, funny, and I'm absolutely blessed that I had this opportunity to chat with her about her book "Letter to my Daughter." The mother of only one child, a son, she writes this for all the women of the world. Also being a mother of only one son, I think it's a book that men will benefit from as well. I've read it. It's very truthful, and sometimes takes your breath away with how frank it really is. She's walked an incredible journey, and at age 81, she still laughs at life's little hardships that teach us about ourselves.

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9:41 minutes Jim Messina talks to Iris Harrison 10/23/09

Jimmy Messina talks about how he started in music, his days with Buffalo Springfield, Poco, and how being asked to produce Kenny Loggins solo album led to Loggins & Messina's successful recording career. He talks about the 2009 tour, and how they got back together after years apart in 2004.

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22:56 minutes Harvey Kubernik, author of "Canyon of Dreams: The Magic and Music of Laurel Canyon" talks to Iris

Harvey Kubernik is the real deal. He was born in L.A. and went to the same high school as Flea and Slash, though not at the same time. He has written the most amazing love story to a place within a place...Laurel Canyon within the madness that is Los Angeles...because of it's rich history in rock and roll. Out of that canyon came The Doors, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, the idea for Monterey Pop, and much more.

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26:39 minutes N.E.D. No Evidence of Disease. Doctors who ROCK! Iris talks to Dr. Will Winter, guitarist.

Six gynecologic oncology surgeons from across the U.S. formed a band with the name that represents the hope that these doctors has for every patient. That at the end of treatment, their disease will be gone. Created as a cover band for a specific event, they went on to write and record a CD, with liner notes that not only celebrates the fact that Music Heals...but with very helpful information about what every woman should know about gynecologic cancer.

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