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4:00 minutes Marty's Farewell-Leave it to Beaverton-Angel City

Gloria Johnson found a full episode of Leave it to Beaverton with Angel City as guests. It was in Marty's final Party on Friday the 13th of April, 2012.

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42:51 minutes Doc Neeson and Angel City talk to Gloria Johnson

Angel City, or as they are known in their native Australia, The Angels, honed their craft along with fellow countrymen AC/DC in the bars "down under." Portland LOVED this band and the feeling was mutual. They filled the old Paramount for two shows in the height of their popularity, opened for The Kinks and were kicked off the tour because they absolutely slayed the audience, and put out fantastic albums which KGON was more than happy to play. When they came to town, they were known to go check out the local music scene and sit in with bands.

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