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16:38 minutes Iris talks to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Paul O'neill about the 2011 show

Paul O'neill is the person I'd most like to have dinner with. He's smart, creative, has boundless energy and is one of the most giving and kind rock stars I've ever heard of. Here's his view of TSO 2011 and beyond.

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12:48 minutes Iris Talks to Al Pitrelli of Trans-Siberian Orchestra about the 2011 tour.

Amy the KGONsider and I are maybe just a little too excited about this, because it's like waiting for Christmas when you're 8 years old. In fact that's exactly what it's like...because the TSO show is the one thing that signals the start of the holiday season for me. This year, they are coming the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 27th, for two shows, 3pm and 7:30pm. If you've never seen the show, PLEASE for the love of all that's good in the world, do yourself a favor and go. Take the family. Take your friends.

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23:52 minutes KGON Alumni, Bob Ancheta, will be inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame

He's known as "The Big BA" around Portland. We've worked together at a couple of different radio stations, and twice here at KGON. BA hired me to work at KVAN in 1976 thus starting my Portland odyssey in radio, and I was able to return the favor when I hired him back to work at KGON in 1987.

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14:49 minutes Iris talks to Ronnie Montrose while he's driving from Ashland to Eugene! 9/15/11

I first heard the Montrose album while at a kegger in college and will never forget the impact it had on me at the time. Here we are decades later still rockin' out to songs like "Bad Motorscooter" "Rock Candy" and "Rock the Nation." Ronnie also worked with Northwest band Rail in the 80's, worked with everyone from Van Morrison and Edgar Winter to Boz Scaggs and more. He's a wonderful interview, smart and kind. Plus MONTROSE ROCKS!! Enjoy the chat.

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6:31 minutes Gloria Interviews Jack Osbourne, Ozzy's son

Gloria Johnson from 92.3 KGON in Portland interviews Jack Osbourne. Jack is the son of Ozzy and just produced a feature film about the life of Ozzy opening in selected theaters nationwide on 8/24 and 8/29. God Bless Ozzy Osbourne.

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27:41 minutes Deen Castronovo, drummer for Journey, talks to Iris Harrison

Let me just say that when it comes to interviews, I'm a fan first, and then a radio geek, and some people have a problem with that. I can't help it when it comes to Journey. This band has provided the soundtrack to decades of great times in my life, and when it comes to Deen Castronovo there's a very special place in my heart for him. Deen was in the band Wild Dogs and they were on the KGON Album 2 with a song called "Born to Rock" which we played on the air when the album was released. Deen was just a pup then. Seriously, very young.

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13:30 minutes Michael Brewer of the famed duo, Brewer and Shipley talks to Iris Harrison of KGON

Since my first job at KFMY in Eugene, Oregon, I've been proudly playing "One Toke Over the Line," an anthem for the time it was written and still very appropriate in today's world. It's amazing that 40 years later it still has that punch. Michael talks about what happened after the song was released and climbed up the charts, being on Nixon's enemies list, what Spiro Agnew had to say about them, having the song done as a "modern spiritual" on the Lawrence Welk show, and the years between which find the duo still performing.

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19:07 minutes 40 Years of Aqualung-Ian Anderson talks to Iris Harrison

Ian Anderson calls Iris from London to talk about the upcoming concert at McMennamins Edgefield on June 17th. I must confess, Ian is such a brilliant man and I am such a fan that I'm surprised that I can form a complete thought when in his presence, either in person or on the phone. We discuss his favorite venues around the world, Facebook, why he doesn't want to write a biography, Aqualung, and more.

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16:18 minutes Iris talks to Tommy Shaw

Styx rocker, Tommy Shaw, has taken a bit of a turn with his newly released "The Great Divide." The album is a celebration of bluegrass, the music he grew up with, and a collection of songs that he wrote or co-wrote. With guest mucisians including Dwight Yoakam, Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, and more, the album is number two on the bluegrass charts, right behind banjo virtuoso, Steve Martin. It's always so great to talk to Tommy, and hear his passion for music. SO...rockers, open your hearts and minds to Tommy's "The Great Divide."

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11:12 minutes Iris talks to John Elder Robison, author of "Be Different: Adventures of a Free Range Aspergian."

I had just finished reading John Elder Robison's first book "Look Me In The Eye" and was delighted to hear that he was about to release another book, somewhat a more practical guide to living with and dealing with people diagnosed with Aspergers. I found it was just a great read, and a fine guide for anyone who is deemed "different" in our society. John designed the exploding fire guitars for Ace Frehley, and was at the forefront in video game design. His story is an amazing journey of triumph and I recommend it highly. He will be appearing at Powell's on April 20th. Enjoy the interview.

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14:09 minutes Iris talks to Jean Auel, author of the "Earth's Children" series.

Jean M. Auel has just released the sixth and final book in the Earth's Children series, "The Land of Painted Caves." While she's been a Portland resident since the 50's, Jean was calling from New York on the day of the book's release. In 1982, Mayor Ivancie declared September 8th, "Jean Auel Day" in Portland. She is a Portland treasure, and a beloved author as well as a graduate of Portland State, and University of Portland. I'm a fan! Enjoy the interview. -Iris

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17:00 minutes Iris talks to Portland author Jennifer Lauck

Jennifer Lauck, author of "Blackbird," "Still Waters," "Show Me the Way," has a new book dealing with her experience of adoption titled "Found." I was instantly hooked on the subject, since I too am adopted. Her journey has similarities to other stories of adoption but is unique in the discovery of the feeling of loss that comes with the situation, and how to overcome the difficulties associated with being adopted. March 22, 2011 -Iris

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13:04 minutes Gloria Interviews Joe Elliott 3/9/2011

Gloria Interviews Joe Elliott 3/9/2011

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32:24 minutes Iris Harrison talks to Signe Anderson, founding member of Jefferson Airplane

A collection of Jefferson Airplane early live recordings have just been released on Sony's "Collectors Choice Music Live" label, and the show recorded on 10/15/66 just happened to be Signe Anderson's farewell show. The very next night, Grace Slick took her place with the band, and Signe went off to...well, I'll let you hear it from Signe herself. She's always been someone I wanted to know more about. A Pacific Northwest native, she's still living in the area, and still performs from time to time, with old friends, and new musicians who call on her talents.

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5:53 minutes Iris Harrison talks to The Doobie Brothers Tom Johnston and John McFee.

After seeing The Doobie Brothers at Edgefield this summer, I am so ready for this new album. It's called "World Gone Crazy" and will be released on September 28th. Guests on the album include Willie Nelson, Billy Payne, Gregg Bissonette, Mic Gillette and even Michael McDonald on a backgroud vocal. Having heard 3 cuts on the album already, I know Doobies fans will love it! An instant classic! Enjoy.

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11:15 minutes Iris Harrison talks to Al Pitrelli about the upcoming Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in Portland

Okay, I'll confess that Amy the KGON'sider and myself are great big geeks for this band. We love the production elements, the visuals, the musicians, the holiday feeling that you get when you are sitting in the Rose Garden Arena with wild pyrotechnics, lasers that rival any show on the planet, and well, there's Al Pitrelli. We LOVE this man to pieces. If TSO was a circus, we'd run away and join it!

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14:13 minutes Iris Harrison talks to Tommy Thayer about being inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame

Local music hero, Tommy Thayer, will be inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame on October 9th at the Roseland Theater for his work in Black 'n Blue. They haven't played together in 20 years, but they will when they are inducted into OMHOF! Tommy tells the story of how they formed the band, who helped along the way, and how they opened for KISS which started a personal path for Tommy to become a member of that legendary band. We talk about the old music scene in Portland, old haunts, and others that should be inducted into the OMHOF.

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7:45 minutes Iris Harrison talks to Carlos Santana on September 22, 2010

Carlos Santana has just released an album of cover tunes called "Guitar Heaven" and he played several songs on the TV show "Dancing With the Stars" the night it was released in the stores. Carlos Santana is amazing and wise. It's great to catch up with him about the shows in Las Vegas, how "Guitar Heaven" came together and how he faces his fears. He's a delight to talk to and one of the top five people that I'd like to have lunch with, and I think I'd still have questions for him. Enjoy this little chat.

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8:48 minutes Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, and Joe Bonamassa of the new supergroup Black Country Communion talk to Iris Harrison

The label "supergroup" has been given to several bands of the past...Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, and The Traveling Wilburys all come to mind. They were made up of musicians who had achieved great fame prior to coming togther for a completely new project. This is true of the members of Black Country Communion. I was the last interview of the morning, and the gentlemen were probably on their last nerve having to talk to radio geeks for a couple of hours straight.

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9:01 minutes Heart's Ann Wilson talks to Iris Harrison about "Red Velvet Car" and the upcoming concert!

Can I just say how much I adore Ann Wilson?! Heart has just released their first studio album in 6 years called "Red Velvet Car." The album rocks...of course...just like we want to hear from Heart! Ann talks about several of the cuts on the album, and also about the upcoming show at the Sleep Country Amphitheater on September 24th, 2010. She also talks about being on the bill for several "Lilith" shows and Seattle's music background. Enjoy the ride in the "Red Velvet Car" with Ann and Iris!

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