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16:44 minutes Ralphie May talks to Jeff Mitchell

Ralphie May

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11:51 minutes Supertramp's Roger Hodgson talks to Iris Harrison

Ever since the Crime of the Century album, I've been a huge Supertramp fan! Roger Hodgson talks about his time with the band, the main reason he left and took a break before the solo albums and tours. Also how it was to work with Ringo in the All Starr Band. The tour that is heading to the Oregon Zoo is going to be incredible! Prepare to be amazed.

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13:17 minutes Joe Walsh talks to Jeff Mitchell

Analog Man, Joe Walsh, talks to Jeff Mitchell about the album, the tour, and his day job with The Eagles!

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8:00 minutes Ian Hunter talks to Iris Harrison about his new album "When I'm President" and tour.

Ian Hunter, lead singer for Mott the Hoople, has a new solo album on the way called "When I'm President" and it's more than just political! He explains the title, talks about his tour which will hit Portland on September 1st at the Aladdin, and tells great stories about how Great White got his song "Once Bitten Twice Shy" instead of Guns 'N' Roses, and why Cleveland ROCKS!

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9:26 minutes Jeff Mitchell talks to Carlos Santana about the new album Shape Shifter.

Carlos Santana has been a busy man since he first took residency in the Hard Rock, and now at The House of Blues. He's got a new album "Shape Shifter" and a tour plus the Vegas shows.

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12:51 minutes Jeff Mitchell talks to Geoff Tate from Queensryche

Geoff Tate talks about the upcoming acoustic show at the Aladdin Theater on Thursday June 14th, Queensryche's future, and WINE!

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10:40 minutes Iris talks to Graham Nash!

Graham Nash is a true artist in every respect of the word. He's a musician, an amazing photographer, and also works with paint and pastels. We talk about all of those things, plus the upcoming live CSN CD/DVD release, and their show at the Schnitzer on September 12, 2012.

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9:49 minutes Mickey Hart talks to Iris before the show at the Crystal Ballroom

Mickey Hart is the busiest man in the world....the universe maybe. He's involved in so many projects that it's hard to keep track of him. Here's our conversation about music in space, a cool music camp he's doing, and his memories of the Crystal Ballroom with the Dead.

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10:47 minutes Joe Walsh talks to Iris Harrison

Joe Walsh is not only one of my favorite rock stars, but a hero for going public with his addictions and recovery. He has always been so honest in his work, solo or with the James Gang and The Eagles. We talk about all of this as the single Analog Man hits the airwaves on KGON, and wait for the whole album's release on June 5th. I also beg him to come to Oregon. Hope it works.

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16:26 minutes Greg Kihn talks to Iris Harrison about his new release.

In 1999, I was asked to join a group of radio folks on a once in a lifetime journey to London to broadcast at Abbey Road Studios, and much to my surprise, Greg Kihn, the rock star, was now in radio doing a morning show and was also on the trip. We had amazing days going to the studios and interviewing celebrities, and also had a chance to just hang out and enjoy London. Greg is funny, talented, and very cool to be around. He's still working for KFOX in the Bay Area, and we now work for the same company, Entercom.

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2:55 minutes Marty's Farewell-Nancy Wilson Interview

This features Marty and the Big BA interviewing Nancy Wilson of Heart.

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0:40 minutes Marty's Farewell-His last break

We'll miss the heck out of you Mr. Party!

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2:43 minutes Marty's Farewell-Big Enchlada Lunch Party

Remember, Tequila Willies on the Willamette? Marty used to throw a Friday Big Enchalada Lunch Party and this one was special because of the past KGON air staff names you'll hear, and also a Merry Christmas from his son, who was 4 at the time. Enjoy!

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3:18 minutes Marty's Farewell-Sam Kenison Interview

One of the coolest moments in Marty's KGON history was when Sam Kenison dropped by the studios in Clackamas. The boys had fun! Enjoy.

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4:00 minutes Marty's Farewell-Leave it to Beaverton-Angel City

Gloria Johnson found a full episode of Leave it to Beaverton with Angel City as guests. It was in Marty's final Party on Friday the 13th of April, 2012.

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9:34 minutes Iris talks to Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Donovan

April 2012, and I finally get to talk to one of my favorite rock artists, Donovan. His music has inspired me for years and the song Wear Your Love Like Heaven still gives me such a lift when I hear it. We talk about his music, spirituality, and the Hall of Fame. Plus, he's coming to Oregon this summer. I'll be there!

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27:04 minutes Iris talks to Dr. Will Winter, lead guitar player for N.E.D. No Evidence of Disease

Have I told you that my doctor is a rocker? It wasn't on my list of requirements for an oncologist, but it's pretty cool that it worked out that way. He is in this incredible band of six gynecological oncologists who make up N.E.D. No Evidence of Disease. They are not only busy with their world of treating patients but they are raising awareness of gynecologic cancer by being in this band. Enjoy the interview, and come see the band at the Aladdin Theater on Saturday, March 10th. Find links to buy tickets on the KGON concert page.

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9:24 minutes Al Pitrelli of Trans-Siberian Orchestra calls Iris

Trans-Siberian Orchestra are bringing their show "Beethovan's Last Night" to the Matt Knight Arena in Eugene on Thursday April 5th. Al talks to Iris about the show and what's next for TSO.

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10:02 minutes Ray Manzarek of The Doors talks to Iris about the 40th Anniversary of L.A. Woman

I've lived in Oregon since 1974, so my feet are webbed at this point in time, but I was created by two crazy Angelino teenagers and growing up, The Doors were OUR band! The quintessential California band and for the time they were evolving, more so than the Beach Boys ever were. Because it wasn't all about beaches, surfing, and was the darker side. The danger. The Doors embodied it. L.A. Woman still is the theme song of that place in SoCal.

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