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Iris Harrison talks to Signe Anderson, founding member of Jefferson Airplane

32:24 minutes Iris Harrison talks to Signe Anderson, founding member of Jefferson Airplane

A collection of Jefferson Airplane early live recordings have just been released on Sony's "Collectors Choice Music Live" label, and the show recorded on 10/15/66 just happened to be Signe Anderson's farewell show. The very next night, Grace Slick took her place with the band, and Signe went off to...well, I'll let you hear it from Signe herself. She's always been someone I wanted to know more about. A Pacific Northwest native, she's still living in the area, and still performs from time to time, with old friends, and new musicians who call on her talents. A big thank you to Terry Currier of Music Millennium for setting up this conversation. An even bigger thank you to Signe for spending some time with me and telling the tale. This is a little over a half hour, so feel free to download and enjoy at your leisure.

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